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Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99

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Download: Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99

Download: Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99
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Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99

The matter has been in print since 1856, put forth through the public spirit of the Massachusetts Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 Historical Society, which secured a transcript of Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 the document from London, and printed it in the society's proceedings of the above named year. As thus presented, it had copious notes, prepared with great care by the late Charles Deane; but these are not given in the present volume, wherein only such comments as seem indispensable to a proper understanding of the Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 story have been made, leaving whatever elaboration may seem desirable to some future private enterprise.It is a matter Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 of regret that no picture of Governor Bradford exists. Only Edward Winslow of the Mayflower Company left an authenticated portrait of himself, and that, painted in England, is reproduced in this volume. In those early days Plymouth would have been a poor field for portrait painters. The people were struggling for their daily bread rather than for to morrow's fame through the transmission of their features to posterity.The volume of the original manuscript, as it was presented to the Governor of the Commonwealth and is now deposited in the State Library, is a folio measuring eleven and one half inches in length, seven and seven eighths inches in width and one and one half inches in thickness. It is bound in parchment, once white, but now grimy and much the worse for wear, being Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 somewhat cracked and considerably scaled. Much scribbling, evidently by the Bradford family, is to be seen upon its surface, and out of the confusion may be read the name of Mercy Bradford, a daughter of the governor.

On the inside of the front cover is pasted a sheet of manilla paper, on which is written the following: " Consistory Court of the Diocese of London In the matter of the application of The Honorable Thomas Francis Bayard, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in London of the United States of America, for the delivery to him, on behalf of the President and Citizens of the said States, of the original Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 manuscript book entitled and known as The Log of the Mayflower.

Produced in Court this 25th day of Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99 March, 1897, and marked with the letter A.

Vso Divx To Dvd 0 5 2 99

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