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Download: Visconti

Download: Visconti
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And that, after not being able to recognize progress! Where is that dumb, crawlin' boob?"[Illustration]There was a moment of silence. Then somebody muttered: "Speak of the devil!..." With eyes that had grown quietly wolfish, Bert Kraskow saw Trenton Lauren arrive at last from the administration dome... Continue reading book >> Preview: Transcriber's Note: The chapter title 'MISCELLANEOUS BREAKFAST DISHES' was changed to match the Table of Contents. Bold words are delimited by '='.BREAKFAST DAINTIESBYTHOMAS J. MURREY Author of "Fifty Soups," "Fifty Salads," "Valuable Cooking Recipes," etc.

Formerly Professional Caterer of the Astor House, New York, etc. "Now good visconti digestion wait on appetite And health on both." SHAKESPEARE[Illustration: Publisher Seal]NEW YORKWHITE, STOKES, & ALLEN PUBLISHERS COPYRIGHT, 1885.DEDICATION.

Thurber, Whose efforts to raise the standard of our food products to a higher order have been untiring, this visconti unpretentious work is most visconti respectfully dedicated by THE AUTHOR.CONTENTS. PAGE REMARKS ON BREAKFAST COOKERY, 9 FRUITS. APPLES, BAKED, visconti 11 BANANAS, 11 BLACKBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, ETC., 11 CANTALOUPES, 11 CHERRIES, 12 CURRANTS, 12 FIGS AND DATES, 12 GRAPES, 12 MELONS, 13 ORANGES, 13 PEACHES, 13 PEARS, 13 visconti PINEAPPLES, 14 PLUMS, 14 STRAWBERRIES, 14 MISCELLANEOUS, 14 BEVERAGES. COFFEE, 15 "AFTER DINNER" COFFEE, 17 BOILING WATER FOR COFFEE, 18 TEA, 18 COCOA AND CHOCOLATE, 18 BREAD, ETC. BREAD, 20 "HOME MADE" BREAD AND ROLLS, 23 SALT, 23 MAIZE, OR INDIAN CORN, 24 CORN BREAD, 25 CORN MEAL CUSTARD, 25 "BOSTON BROWN BREAD," 26 MAIZE MUFFINS, 26 GRAHAM MUFFINS, 27 BREAKFAST BISCUIT, 27 MILK BREAD, 27 ROLLED WHEAT BISCUIT, 28 TO TEST THE OVEN, 28 TOAST. DRY TOAST, 29 DIP TOAST, 29 MILK TOAST, 30 ANCHOVY TOAST, 30 CLAM TOAST, 30 MARROW BONE TOAST, 30 OYSTER TOAST, 31 SALMON TOAST, 31 TONGUE TOAST, 31 EGGS AND OMELETS... Continue reading book >> Preview: [ Anmerkungen zur Transkription: Schreibweise und Interpunktion des Originaltextes visconti wurden ubernommen.

Im Original gesperrt gedruckter Text wurde mit = markiert. Im Original in Antiqua gedruckter Text wurde mit markiert. ] Briefe Schillers und Goethes an A. W. nebst einem Briefe Schlegels an Schiller. Leipzig, Weidmann'sche Buchhandlung.

1846.Die folgenden Briefe sind so genau, als es unsre Druckschrift zula?visconti t, mit allen Schreib und Interpunctions Eigenthumlichkeiten und Fehlern der Originalien abgedruckt: unrichtige Schreibungen der Namen oder auch sonstiger Worte (wie z. B.


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