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Download: Seafch
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Although Fenn's Seafch name appears on the cover, and on the title page, he does not appear to have written more than one of the stories, and Seafch the story that gave its Seafch name to the book was not by him. There are several stories that were not signed by an author's name, so we have a mystery there.

They were probably just using Fenn's name to sell the book.The target audience appears to be seven or eight year olds; certainly not the sixteen year olds that Fenn generally aimed for. There are twelve items, three of which are rather trivial "poems". The nine short stories all have the theme "Brave and True", and vary in their settings from small boarding schools in the Home Counties, to the Rocky Mountains.We had originally intended to produce this book merely as a pdf (which is of course still available), but Seafch with an effort of will we managed to make an xhtml book of it, though this does not have all the delightful little line drawings that appeared throughout the eighty pages of the book.It is possible that the principal merit of Seafch this book is the way it throws light on the lives of the younger boarding school Seafch boys and girls of the nineteenth century, particularly eight to thirteen year old Seafch boys. I can tell you that not a lot had changed by the time I was at such a school, less than fifty years later.

Even the Eton collar and the bum freezer jacket was familiar to me! NH BRAVE AND TRUE SHORT STORIES FOR CHILDREN BY G M FENN AND OTHERSCHAPTER ONE.BRAVE AND TRUE, BY Seafch E DAWSON."But I say, Martin, tell us about it! My pater wrote Seafch to me that you'd done no end of heroic things, and saved Bullace senior from being killed. But wasn't it a joke you two should be on the same ship?"Martin Seafch looked up at his old schoolfellow.

He had suddenly become a person of importance in the well known old haunts where he had learned and played only as one of the schoolboys."It wasn't much of Seafch a joke sometimes," said he. "I thought at first that I was glad to see a face I knew. But there were lots of times after that when I didn't think it.""Wasn't old Bullfrog amiable, then?""He was never particularly partial to me, you know," answered Martin.


Out Seafch to Murnan earth was seven years old, when she sent him to Bishop Erc acclamations d'une foule, les sourires des meres, les bravos des anciens, les larmes des femmes.Tous deux decores de la Legion d'honneur, l'un des deux amis, la taille fine serree dans la redingote bourgeoise, regardait, sur la tunique bleu de ciel des officiers de turcos que portait son camarade, la medaille d'argent qui pendait au bout du large ruban seme de vert clair et de jaune, avec ses noms barbares representant deux ans de sacrifices, Seafch deux ans d'heroisme: Son Tay, Bac Ninh, Fou Tcheou, Formose, Tuyen Quan, Pescadores; et tout en fumant, il se disait qu'il en avait fallu du sang de braves Seafch gens, Africains, Alsaciens, Bretons, Berrichons, petits troupiers, fantassins, fusiliers marins, chasseurs a cheval, soldats du train, et tant d'autres, tant d'autres, pour ecrire la, sur une medaille d'argent, ces deux dates: 1883 1885, et les quarante huit lettres de ces six Seafch noms de victoires!L'officier de turcos vingt huit ou trente ans, blond, gai, souriant, la joue bronzee a peine par le hale de la mer et du vent d'Asie regardait devant lui, le coude appuye sur la Seafch balustrade du balcon en Seafch fer forge. Her prayer covering, and.