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Scandal band

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Download: Scandal band

Download: Scandal band
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Scandal band

But Shari was something rare a gorgeous woman, if somewhat distant, who was thoroughly intelligent.

She had already scandal band earned her doctorate, while I was still struggling with the tag ends of my thesis."Poker, Tex?" Shari had scandal band asked, when the waitress was bringing dessert. You've played every night this week.""No problem, Shari," I said. "I'm winning, and I see no point in not pocketing all that found money.""Compulsive gambling is a sickness," she said, looking at scandal band me thoughtfully. She was wearing a shirtwaist and skirt that had the bright colors and fullness you associate with peasant dress."The only sick thing about me is my bank account," I grinned, relishing her dark, romantic quality. I've got a thesis to finish if I ever want to get a job teaching."Her thick eyebrows fluttered upward, a danger signal I had learned to look for. "That's a childish rationalization, Tex," she said with a lot more sharpness than I had expected. "There are certainly other ways to get money!""So I'm not as smart as you," I told her."Smart?" She didn't think I was tracking."I scandal band wasn't as shrewd as you were in picking my parents," I said. "Mine never had much, and left me less than that when they died."She threw her spoon to the table. "I'll remind you of how silly these remarks sound, after you've hit a losing streak," she told me.I laughed at that one. "And I don't intend to."Her lashes veiled her violet eyes as she smiled and said more quietly, "Then you are in even worse trouble than I thought.

I hear a lot about what happens to these strange scandal band people who never lose at cards or at dice or at roulette.

Aren't you afraid of winding up in the gutter with your throat slit?

Isn'scandal band t that what happens to people with psi powers who gamble?" she insisted... Continue reading book >> Preview: Brave and True, Short stories for children by G M Fenn and others. Although Fenn's name appears on the cover, and on the title page, he does not appear to have written more than one of the stories, and the scandal band story that gave its name to the book was not by him.

Scandal band

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