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Empires And

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Download: Empires And
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Empires And

The series presents Empires And a graphic history of our country from its discovery.1. Christopher Columbus reveals to us the West Indies, and gives a narrative of wonders unsurpassed in fact or fable.2. De Soto conducts us to Florida, and leads us through scenes of romance, crime, blood and woe through many Indian tribes, across the continent, to the Mississippi, where he finds his melancholy grave.3. La Empires And Salle , and his heroic companions, traversed thousands of miles of majestic lakes Empires And and unknown rivers, and introduces us to innumerable barbaric tribes.

There is no other writer, who, from his own personal observation, can give one so vivid an idea of Life in the Indian village and wigwam.Empires And 4. He conducts us in the May Flower, across the Atlantic, lands us at Plymouth, and tells the never to be forgotten story of the heroism of our fathers in laying the foundations of this great republic.5.

Captain Kidd , and the Buccaneers, reveal to us the awful condition of North and South America, when there was no protecting law here, and when pirates swept Empires And sea and land, inflicting atrocities, the narrative of which causes the ear Empires And which hears it to tingle.6.

Peter Stuyvesant takes Empires And us by the hand, and introduces us to the Dutch settlement at the mouth of the Hudson, conveys us, in his schooner, up the solitary river, along whose forest covered banks Indian villages were scattered; and reveals to us all the struggles, by which the Dutch New Amsterdam was converted into the English New York.7. Benjamin Franklin should chronologically take his place here.

There is probably not, in the compass of all literature, a biography more Empires And full of entertainment and valuable thought, than a truthful sketch of the career of Benjamin Franklin. He leads us to Philadelphia, one hundred and fifty years ago, and makes us perfectly familiar with life there and then. He conducts us across the Atlantic to the Court of St. There is no writer, French or English, who has given such vivid sketches of the scenes which were witnessed there, as came from the pen of Benjamin Franklin. For half a century Franklin moved amid the most stupendous events, a graphic history of which his pen has recorded.8.

He seems to have approached as near perfection as any man who ever lived.

In his wonderful career we became familiar with all the struggles of the American Revolution.

Empires And

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