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Call Him Savage by John Pollard

Date: 19.12.2011 | Views: 1077

Download: Call Him Savage by John Pollard

Download: Call Him Savage by John Pollard
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Call Him Savage by John Pollard


Transcriber's Note:

This etext was produced from Amazing Stories March 1954. Extensive research did not uncover Call Him Savage by John Pollard any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.



Illustrator: Sanford Kossin

Around the 15th of March each year, folks start saying, "Give the country back to the Indians!" Well, that's what we want to talk to you Call Him Savage by John Pollard about.

I didn't even hear her come in. What with the Sioux rising against the white settlement at the fork of the Platte, the attack being set for dawn, and Chief Spotted Horse's impassioned speech to his braves, I wouldn't have heard anything under a ninety seven decibel war whoop.

Soft lips brushed the back of my neck and she said something.

"That's fine," I said.

" Sam! "

I heard that , all right. I looked up from the typewriter. "Hey, that's a nice nightgown!"

"I said I think I'm getting a cold."

"Well with a nightgown like that...."

"Silly!" Her smile would have corrupted a bishop. "You coming to bed? It's almost midnight."

"Soon's I finish writing this chapter. Best thing I've ever done."

"More Indians?"

I reached for a cigarette. "Sure, more Indians. What else would one of the country's leading authorities on the original Americans be writing about? I hate to keep harping on the same subject, my sweet, but the dough from my last book bought you that mink stole you keep dangling in front of your girl friends."

"If you make so much money at it, why are you still a reporter?"

"I like being a reporter."

"What about me ? Between reporting and Indians my love life is beginning to wither on the vine. You should have married a squaw."

"Who says I didn't?" I gave her my best leer and reached out an exploring hand. She blushed and backed away, laughing. "Nothing doing, Sam Quinlan! You want me I'll be in bed."

"Hey hey!"

She gave me a quick kiss, evaded my grasp and disappeared into the bedroom. I finished lighting the cigarette, typed a few more lines. But my working mood was gone, Call Him Savage by John Pollard a casualty of a black lace nightgown. Finally I got up from the desk and snapped on the radio and, while it warmed up, strolled over to the Call Him Savage by John Pollard living room window.

At this hour Washington was largely in bed. Away over to the east I could see the dim glow of lights marking the Mall, with the Capitol dome beyond that. Now that communism was dead, buried and unmourned in Russia and her satellites, with peace and prosperity booming from Iowa to Iran, even the President would be sleeping like a baby. Any day now I Call Him Savage by John Pollard would be down to covering PTA meetings Call Him Savage by John Pollard for the Herald Telegram . That was okay with me; my big interest was "Saga Call Him Savage by John Pollard of the Sioux" the third in the series of books I was writing on the history of the American Indian.

An Call Him Savage by John Pollard early autumn breeze crawled in at the open window and moved the line of smoke from my cigarette. A quiet serene night, with the faint smell of burned Call Him Savage by John Pollard leaves in the air and the promise of a cool, sunny, peaceful tomorrow. A lovely night, made far lovelier by the thought of the beautiful blonde waiting for me in the next room. After twelve years of marriage I still found her to be the most exciting and rewarding woman I had ever known.

"... most of eastern Colorado," the radio said suddenly, "as well as the western fringes of Nebraska and Kansas."

I turned the volume down. Weather report, probably, except that Call Him Savage by John Pollard the announcer was making it sound like a declaration of war or a "sincere" commercial.

"We repeat," the voice continued, "since 8:10 this evening, Eastern Standard Call Him Savage by John Pollard Time, literally nothing has come out of that section of the country. All communication has ceased, outbound trains and planes are long overdue, highway traffic out of the area has stalled... Continue reading book >>

Call Him Savage by John Pollard

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